Xpadder is a small and simple Windows application that allows you to take advantage of your gamepad – and it is free! Xpadder has several options. The most fundamental is that it enables you to map keys to your gamepad buttons. I determined to make a tutorial here to connect with the emulator guides.

Xpadder also allows you to map mouse commands to your pad, or map sequences of keys to a single button press. I leave it to you to plot your own uses for these. It’s very simple. Just unzip it the place you need to keep this system. It is a single, small file, no set up required.

I counsel you to make a folder for it though, so you may easily keep your saved profiles. Run Xpadder by double clicking on it. That you must configure your gamepad first. There are some such pictures already ready in Xpadder’s official site, in the images part (you may want to check if your gamepad is already there – apparently Xpadder treats that pink color as clear).

Go into the next tabs to configure the thumbsticks. Unfortunately I cannot take a look at this as my gamepad is digital solely. Just verify the “Enabled” field (as within the picture) and the program will detect and prompt you to press the directions in flip. Adding buttons is also very simple. In case your pad has analog set off buttons, the last tab is for that. My pad only has digital triggers, so I wanted so as to add them already (the 2 top squares). You may repeat the process for different pads, in case you have them, and save to separate controller profiles, switching between them as desired.

The best-most a part of the on-display screen “keyboard” serves to assign mouse movements to your gamepad – in precisely the identical means. Done with all the assignments for a specific profile? To entry them once more you may go to “Open” in the menu shown above. That’s pretty much all I wanted to cover with this tutorial.

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  • Windows: C: > Program Files > Native Access > “Native Access.exe”

Go obtain and check out this wonderful utility (if you really like it, you may drop an e-mail thanking the creator at the official web site). As regular, share your opinions or ask questions in the comments section, or in the boards. Or if you happen to need one that makes use of less system resources, JoytoKey has never buckled up on me.

A very good suggestion, fastbilly1; I didn’t know of that program – Xpadder seems extra person pleasant, but I can see how JoytoKey will likely be better for weaker PCs – thanks for your remark. …. so each time i have to press some key in the keyboard…. ….. keep going with the excellent articles racketboy. Most of the ones that don’t support gamepads are newer ones similar to NullDC (Dreamcast).

But keep in mind, this is also used for Pc games as nicely. And like you said, SovietSniper, it’s useful to configure the gamepads for other tasks. This is crucial for folks like me that have a dedicated emulation field hooked as much as my Tv. In that case, I don’t have a keyboard out there in any respect. I’m using solely a wireless gamepad and my Windows MCE remote.

Ive used them to make foot buttons for generic task up to now. Like ctrl-alt-escape, left mouse click, alt-F4, and so on. It makes dualboxing without macros so much easier. Granted I’m planning on getting a sizable trackball so I can have less time off of the keyboard at work. Interesting, however only for the few pads that don’t already support keyboard emulation.

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