If you are a instructor, you measure your life in quarters and semesters. This is my fiftieth semester teaching, and, such as each of the prior forty nine semesters, I could not wait to get started. Coddled as only tenured faculty at a research university can be, I have only one class to instruct this semester.

The course is “Valuation”, and it is about valuing any asset: stocks, businesses, sports activities collectibles and teams are all reasonable game. As the class begins with an extended discussion of intrinsic (DCF) valuation , it shall extend to pay multiples/comparables and real options. Of the year In the beginning, I argued that universities have used their “monopoly” status in the education business to protect themselves from needed change.

I also shown my view that “disruptive” changes were coming, mainly because technology has undermined the entrenched competitive advantages that have allowed colleges to charge high quality prices for often below-average products. I also put my class online, using a ongoing company called Coursekit, and a few thousand people signed up for the class.

1. School website: I maintain a website at Stern for the course that includes anything that I do in this course: webcasts of the classes, lecture quizzes/exams and notes. The plus is that this is my first stop once i add or update anything to the class and it is the main one place where you’ll be guaranteed to find everything regarding the class. The minus is that I am not just a master at web design and the look and it shows: things are occasionally difficult to acquire and it is short on eyes candy.

2. Lore: I am going to continue to show this course on Lore, but instead than maintain two different classes (as I did so last semester), I shall combine the class in a single location. Since I am using Lore to keep track of those who find themselves registered and are taking the class at Stern, you’ll be auditing the class on Lore, if this program is chosen by you.

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  • How comfortable are you with taking dangers
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Note that you’ll have every one of the usage of materials and webcasts of the registered students. For the brief moment, though, you will be able to read content and comments nevertheless, you cannot post: I will work on seeing whether I can change that, to help you to participate in discussions. The plus is that the website is much more polished than mine shall ever be, however the minus is you need to work within the Lore structure, which might not be to your liking. 3. Apple iTunes U: As a long time Apple user, The development has been viewed by me of Apple iTunes U with interest.

What started as a site with just course videos and no interaction is growing into something more typical of Apple: beautiful and useful at exactly the same time. The drawback, though, is an Apple is needed by you device to use iTunes U, an iPad preferably. Step 1 1: Go directly to the Apple App store and download Apple iTunes U. Don’t worry. Step three 3: Apple iTunes U should start and the course should be on your shelf. Step 4 4: You may want to wait around until I let you in to the site.

The plus is that the site is stunning in terms of beauty but the minus is that you cannot reach it on your Android or Blackberry device. 4. YouTube: I am utilizing a site call Symynd to provide access to the course resources to anyone who’s thinking about valuation.

This site, which seeks to democratize education, turns the webcasts into YouTube videos and usage of the material. For those of you who have trouble downloading the top lecture webcast documents (150 GB and higher) that are offered on the other channels, the YouTube videos better work much, being that they are compact.

I wish that one of the four stations works for you which you can come along for the ride. As always, I am interested in learning not only what works, but what does not. The first session of the course was last Wednesday (September 5) and you have the required time to catch up before the next course on Monday. I am going to post the webcasts on all four channels about an hour after the class ends (between 1 pm and 2 pm, NY Time, every Monday and Wednesday).

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