We have made it through July and your dog days of summer months are upon us. Time to observe how my advice has done so much this season, so here goes. Bottom Line: The Business Cycle Investing Strategy is working well. If the idea of investing in the Stock Market gives you a headache and you aren’t happy with the interest at the lender what should you do? The answer is to invest in bonds, where you get the interest paid for lending your cash. The next few newsletters will be devoted to understanding bonds.

The market interest rate of any connection is relocated by the US Treasury Yield Curve. Associated with that the government continues to auction bonds with time durations from 30 days to 30 years and since this is actually the most prevalent source of money it pieces the interest rate. As you look at this yield curve, the normal shape is to have a higher level with a longer time.

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Let me clarify further. You can buy US Treasury bonds, as time passes durations including four weeks, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, year 1, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, and 30 years. Associated with that whenever the interest rate on the shorter-term connection is the same or higher than a long-run bond, it typically means that the overall economy has reached a highly regarded and will be shrinking.

Business Cycle Investing says you want to make significant changes. Bonds are bought and sold in a Secondary Market and you will get a capital loss or gain. Traders trade everything, including bonds, and many investors buy and sell bonds before achieving the maturity date for a whole host of reasons.

Because of this, the face value of the connection can go up or down providing an investor a capital gain or loss up. When you sell a bond, the money you make is the difference between your selling price and your price plus any payments, also called the coupon payment, you received. If you buy a connection and keep it for the whole time duration you get a coupon payments as well as your money, face value, back.

Essentially, you get what you decided to. When you sell before the entire time duration, you aren’t assured to get you face value maybe it’s more or less back. An investor will watch rates of interest and when an opportunity arises for a capital gain on many occasions will need advantage of it and sell.

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