I am so thrilled to announce an new online class offering through Artful Gathering 2018, SIDANELV (si-da-ne-la is the Cherokee phrase for family) FOREVER FAMILY jewelry course. Registration is now open and this class starts on July 16 and operates through August 26 (with a 2 week extension), you can sign-up HERE.

Beauty can be an important part of the Native American culture, not a matter of being surrounded by beauty just, but being mixed up in procedure for beauty, such as that of weaving. Weaving was and is not a way of making cloth just, textiles, baskets, or jewelry for yet useful use or for adornment pretty, it can be an artistic manifestation rooted and grounded in love for the family.

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Cloth and textiles were woven to provide protection, covering, and comfort for the physical body. Baskets served a practical use for gathering, containing, and portion the grouped family as extra hands. Jewelry symbolized community and ceremony. A weaver working at the loom starts to tell a whole story that is written in color, feature, texture, design, and embellishment using beads and fibers. With this 2 1/2 hour class we shall be embracing these same concepts by weaving natural stone, wood, and glass beads as well as natural earthy fibers into a timeless family charm bracelet inspired by the richness of days gone by. We are making our very own loom, learning how to create our bead and fibers tale, basic bead and fiber weaving, as well as making charms to make a personal little bit of wearable artwork deeply.

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