Researchers from the University of Minnesota, USA, spoke to 26 women and one man aged from 17 to 64 getting treatment from a specialist outpatient clinic. That they had suffered from eating disorders for an average of 20 years. Dr Jerica M Berge, Assistant Teacher in the Section of Family Community and Medicine Health at the School.

The patients experienced a median age group of 27 years and have been receiving treatment for between ten a few months and 18 years. Nine acquired anorexia nervosa, three acquired bulimia nervosa, one acquired both and the other 14 acquired eating disorders that didn’t meet up with the diagnostic criteria for any one specific condition. School transition. Some discussed the problems they had in adapting to the greater independent world of junior-senior high school and others talked about leaving home to go to college and how they missed friends and family. Starting university was very hard for one female. Another struggled to cope without regular support.

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Relationship changes. Breaking up with a partner affected some participants as well as others talked about their parents splitting up and shifting. When her father got a fresh girlfriend when she was seven, one woman lost the close relationship that they had enjoyed. Loss of life of the grouped relative. The death of a family member or good friend often proved traumatic, with people saying that they didn’t not know how to deal with their grief, and they received little support.

One woman’s sister died when she was five, but no-one talked about this “major event” in her life. Home and job transition. Some were suffering from their family relocating or losing their job and described how they felt lonely, unsupported, and lacked close relationships during these transitions. A new job left one woman with little time for friends and she struggled to relate with her workmates who were all much over the age of her.

Moving house at 16 was really hard for another woman. Illness/hospitalisation. A number had been sick plus some said that their weight loss made them feel good and prompted positive remarks from others. Having viral meningitis scared one female – she realized she acquired no control over her disease but could control her eating. Being identified as having hypo-glycaemia and being told she had a need to eat frequently was the beginning of another woman’s problems. Abuse/sexual assault/incest. Some discussed abusive events and exactly how they felt let down or deserted by the very friends and family they had a need to support them. Two said they ate more to get unattractive or bigger and intimidating. Being sexually abused by her brother triggered one woman’s eating disorder. Another woman started eating to try and stop the misuse and assault from her partner.

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