Ken is still upbeat and focused on execution. As a member of family aspect note as he was talking, I noticed Dr Barry Keenan walk by, the new superstar VP Engineering hired in March to help drive new product development. Ken then asked Kelsey Tarzia over to address the group, another new ex girlfriend or boyfriend Biosense Webster employee in her 4th trip to BioSig already carrying out at a high level addressing our group. More on our dialogue with Kelsey in next section of this take note.

Ken presented us to others including those detailed within the next session plus some plank and advisory users. We had a good dialogue of intellectual property with Board Member Andy Filler, Partner and General Counsel for Sherpa Technology Group, with over twenty years of experience in intellectual property for technology and medical device companies. He currently serves as Partner and General Counsel for Sherpa Technology Group.

I surely got to meet 3 Advisory Board Members as well through the visit at the booth and during the 3-hour company event. Dr Ramachandra Malya – I actually know Dr Malya from another private investment we are in collectively and also have always found him to be thoughtful and participating. Dr. Malya brings to BioSig over 40 years of experience in the medical field. His strong business acumen has allowed Dr. Malya to provide as Founding Board Person in several successful healthcare entities and two Texas savings banking institutions with valuations in excess of one billion dollars. Throughout his profession, Dr. Malya elevated capital for several promising healthcare start-ups and maintained an important family office funds with considerable medical romantic relationships.

3 million more directly into the company for the long term. 8.6 million PIPE increase lately the CEO accomplished without an Investment Bank or investment company or warrants as guaranteed. Dr Malya’s group owns slightly below 15% of the business and are really loyal, long-term investors. 25 cash offer for BioSig because he believes it will be worth a complete lot more as an independent company.

  1. Handling fees, postage fees and sundry expenses
  2. Hormel Foods (HRL) – income of $21.00
  3. When you are not working, what do you do
  4. Professional Asset Management. 26. Evaluation of Portfolio Performance
  5. Authorized FOREX Dealing Branch For Related Services
  6. Total Funding: $2,450,000

Dr Malya is convinced that there is great promise beyond the ablation and cardiac area with Budi and Barry Keenan in charge of generating future pipeline together with the Mayo Clinic. He has pointed out Neurology, Hypertension and the areas. Sim Farar – Fascinating gentleman. Several high-level federal government visits including US Rep to the set up of the United Nations and other positions. CEO, Chairman, Director, and specialist to a true variety of companies, including JDF Investment Co. LLC, IFC Financial Services Corp.

Very bullish on BioSig and I really believe has usage of many potential future traders and has been an excellent advisor to the business. Again, the quality of individuals associated with this small enterprise continues to impress me. Spoke highly of Ken and the company. Frank Quintero – Principal in the Yucaipa Companies, a premier investment firm founded by legend Ron Burkle in 1986. Before that special assistant to CA Governor Gray Davis. Joined the Advisory board last month and has numerous financial and political ties that should be a secured asset to the company. Spoke highly of Ken and the company as well Also.

Amy Scott – BioSig VP of Strategic Partnerships – previous Biosense Webster (JNJ) Director of Strategic Partnerships responsible for U.S. ’s Scientific Advisory Board. 30 years of experience in medical devices, (twenty years in electrophysiology), and like Kowalski, helps create the medical device industry and paradigms actually. Amy both on my previous investor group call with HRS was asked about all the Biosense Webster people coming to this small enterprise and she expresses confidently it’s the right move. They may be self-confident they have something that the industry not only needs but has been clamoring for – for a long time.

Stephanie Jasa – Directing BioSig’s Education and Training initiative – former Biosense Webster (JNJ) Senior Director of Global Training and Education. MaryAnn Edzards – BioSig Senior Director – Account Manager – was New Technology Education Mgr at Biosense Webster (JNJ) responsible for all internal and external marketing and training programs for just two global product launches – training of over 300 employees. She brings to BioSig considerable experience in changing Voice of Comments from customers into commercially valuable solutions. Holds numerous JNJ honours, including 2016 Standards of Leadership Award and 2017 Gold Encore Award from Commercial Marketing.

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