I have not talked basis in like permanently! Just want to say/write few words on two foundations I was enjoying recently quickly. I am liking it a lot you guys. So, yeah just a heads up, that I am not yet done with foundations. Anyways. I’ve two products, one drugstore, and one top quality. Maybelline Super Stay and CT Magic Foundation. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is a new, if you ask me. By new I mean I got is roughly couple of weeks ago and I had formed enough time to see easily enjoy it and over-all how it operates with my pores and skin. CT is a luxury makeup brand that recently launch in Sephora.

And with that I want to say Congratulations CT I am so happy for the lunch time! I am so excited to touch and play with the merchandise before buying it actually. It made my life so easier just. Not going to lie that I was lusting after CT makeup for some time now.

I love reading all the UK blogs and just dream that one day I can build up my collection exactly like some of them have. I was sent this base plus an eyeshadow quad for a review. I have not yet played with the palette, however the foundation, like I said became a staple in my routine.

This is a complete coverage base with demi-matte surface finish. Both brush was used by me and sponge to apply it. A sponge is preferred by me coz it offers more natural not to heavy finish off. I love it. Foundation will come in the most amazing glass container with rose platinum detailing. It appears so good on my vanity!

I am so into the rose silver and marble anything. I really do love the bases with pumps. The consistency is on a thick side. But it is found by me works good with mixing sponge instead of clean. Like I mention above, sponge gives more natural finish. The only only 1 part of my face that don; t such as this basis is my nasal area.

  • 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh mint
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • Get a good evening sleep
  • Light Summer
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Apply with extreme caution if you have delicate skin or another skin condition
  • Powering the sound through the upper body cavity
  • Very low price

It appears sooo good everywhere else! I don’t know how to proceed anymore tbh. I tried to put extra primer, extra moisturizer on my nothing and nasal area. Anyways it doesn’t matter coz I love the way it looks on me (aside from the nose) LOL. I forgot to say I’ve in tone 3. I really believe 2 would be good as well.

The wear time is pretty good too. I usually apply my makeup early morning 7am, and I start to get around 3-4pm oily. But nothing that blotting paper and powder can’t fix. So that would whether it is. I do think this foundation is actually good and my combo/oily skin wears it pretty good. 44 and it are available where CT comes: Sephora, Nordstorm, Beautylish. Maybelline Super Stay 24h Foundation in color.

I picked that one without planning it too. Maybelline. So why not. I already acquired some extra bucks waiting around to be spent. Now, I don’t know how other CVS around the united states are but my is a complete mess. Everything is open Almost, watches and garbage basically. Let me tell you that I was trying to buy Touch of Spice lipsticks for a couple of years now.

Everywhere I go all the hippies are scratched or damaged. I think I am ordering from Ulta from now on. Back, to the foundation. The girl who works there recommend the Super Stay foundation. She was actually wearing it and um it didn’t look good on her behalf in all honesty. But fine it was selected by me, considering it could look on me better, and it does. Just like the CT Magic Base Just, this is a full coverage also.

Best applied with a mixing sponge. I used once a brush and I had been looking just like the female from my CVS. Full care and coverage. Sorry but no. Again mixing sponge involves the save and makes this base applies so perfectly, offers really natural surface finish and covers what need to be covered. I love and I was using it on and off for past 6 months at least. Just like the CT, your day wears nicely though away. I spot the shine on my skin around the same time as the CT one. 12 and it is absolutely worth it.

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