Unit investment trusts (UITs) can be considered a powerful way for investors to get exposure to timely opportunities as part of their overall investment plan. From broad-based ways of more niche market segments, Guggenheim Investments offers appropriately chosen portfolios offering access to asset classes, investment styles, and market industries in one transaction.

Like traditional shared money and exchange traded money (ETFs), UITs are packaged investment products offering daily liquidity, while providing traders with the chance to own a transparent and fully spent basket of securities. UITs can function as a highly effective complement to a well-balanced portfolio potentially. The defined nature of UITs may make them a highly effective strategy to align with investment objectives.

  • They create good shareholder value
  • Treatment of minority shareholders
  • Investment advice by phone
  • Favorable industry trends and outlook –

The profile is transparent and generally remains set for the life of the trust. Investors know precisely what they own for the duration of the investment. This defined approach ensures that UITs do not experience style drift. A UIT collection is not typically influenced by unnecessary trading driven by emotional reactions to market movements.

The UIT provides access to a specified asset class, investment style, or sector through a diversified basket of securities. Typically more focused than other packaged investments, the UIT structure seeks to provide targeted exposure, which may serve to improve return potential. Through one low minimal purchase relatively, investors can own a stock portfolio of chosen securities expertly, which are supervised on a continuous basis.

In addition, because of the defined structure and character, UITs may offer a degree of tax efficiency also. Guggenheim manages a broad UIT lineup, offering more than 65 products, covering a number of asset classes and investment themes. We provide equity and multi-asset UITs, as well as fixed-income options including taxable, municipal, and laddered strategies. Our investment groups are committed to examining and identifying attractive opportunities across global markets. We seek to advance the strategic needs of our clients by delivering timely strategies with high conviction, while assessing risk at the security, sector, and portfolio composition levels.

Transparency, convenience, professional supervision, and selection. UITs offer investors benefits within a packaged investment. UITs can be a powerful way for investors to gain exposure to timely opportunities as part of their overall investment plan. View the existing list of principal, matured, and secondary UITs. The characteristics described above represent general attributes of typical investments of the types indicated. Specific investments may have different characteristics. Please, consult a prospectus. ETFs make reference to typical exchanged traded funds constructions as open-end money or investment trusts. Mutual funds make reference to typical open-ended funds.

1 Please be aware that UITs may keep limited cash positions. 2 Unit trusts and ETFs may regularly keep limited cash positions. 3 Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate and units, when redeemed, will probably be worth less or even more than what you paid. Individual securities and ETFs may be purchased and sold throughout each business day, while mutual fund shares and trust units may be purchased and redeemed based on prices determined by the close of business each working day. 4 Diversification will not ensure a revenue or get rid of the risk of reduction. 5 Certain requirements must be fulfilled for an in-kind distribution of the trust’s root securities to be requested.

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