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Our Mission: To make the next era of youth the most active and healthy. In October of 2007, the NFL launched NFL PLAY 60, a nationwide youth health and fitness campaign centered on increasing the health and fitness of young supporters by encouraging these to be energetic for at least 60 minutes each day.

“Your cat has feline diabetes.” If this is your vets message after examining your beloved friend, it’ll come as a surprise. Yes, your cat has a serious disease. But it can be treated by you! The message was got by me myself early 2003. My (then) 10-year-old neutered cat Duvelke had been urinating and drinking more than usual for a few weeks.

First it was regarded as connected with a previous medication. But after blood and urine assessments the vet was certain. Now what is diabetes? Blood contains sugar (glucose). The blood sugar level is controlled by the hormone insulin, which is made by the pancreas. If this organ produces insufficient insulin, we speak of diabetes.

Symptoms of feline diabetes differ. Duvelke began to move more urine than typical, and had an increased thirst because of this of this. Other possible symptoms are weight loss, decreased appetite, lethargy and an unhealthy coat condition. Felines with neglected diabetes shall become inactive, vomit regularly, stop urinating and fall into a coma. But if you treat feline diabetes correctly, your kitty could probably lead an extended and happy life still. It does take effort and dedication, though.

Your cat should get food at collection times, and preferably should stay indoors. And – this is vital – you will have to give your cat insulin shots. A day Once, two times daily often. Your vet shall determine the quantity and let you know how to take action.

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It is not frightening! But monitor your friend. Your cat must have had food before getting the insulin shot! If not, a hypoglycemic surprise (a ‘hypo) might occur. That is possible if your kitty gets too much insulin also. And this is absolutely dangerous. If you’re not there to help, your kitty may perish from a hypo. Duvelke has had a few hypos since 2003. He survived. By placing blood sugar in his mouth, within his cheeks.

Honey on his tongue also worked well. Duvelkes level of insulin has been reduced significantly the past calendar year. And hes doing really fine. If you didnt know about his disease, you’ll assume he could be a flawlessly healthy cat. So, with a proper treatment, diabetic cats can still lead a happy life!