For starters I’m 26 with combination acne prone skin. I’ve been on this sub a few years and like a lot of you, I’ve tried EVERYTHING in the name of clear pores and skin. I’ve almost posted a shelf a few times but my skin wasn’t quite there yet. I could never find the right combination.

What made this even more difficult was the fact that I was actively staying away from certain ingredients and methods (no alcoholic beverages, sulfates, physical exfoliation etc.). Despite the fact that I was pursuing every “rule” my pores and skin just always seemed boring and congested. THEREFORE I said “Screw it! I’m going to surely got to my old college methods and find out what goes on back.” And within a couple weeks of by using this routine my skin looks almost flawless.

Clinique Take The Day Off- Holy grail makeup remover. I wear makeup just about every day and this is the best makeup remover I’ve ever used. And the best benefit is that it doesn’t even contain actual oil (my skin does not trust oils), it contains oil-like emulsifiers. LRP Medicated gel cleanser- I was so hesitant to utilize a face wash with SLS, menthol, and each one of these other elements I’ve been trained are bad for the skin. But this cleans my pores and skin well without over drying it really.

Sometimes I take advantage of a konjac sponge to lightly exfoliate. Daily Microfoliant- Look, I’ll admit I was on the zero physical exfoliation teach for a long time. And guess what happens? It didn’t work lol. Since I’ve added an exfoliant and a konjac sponge to my program my skin is indeed bright and my pores do truly feel unclogged. My blackheads on my nose have shrunk and the white heads that were on my chin are nonexistent now. And I haven’t acquired a zit pop up in almost per month (new record!weekly because the konjac sponge is usually enough for daily use) I use this about twice.

  • Lip Stain
  • Apply a rose coloured blush to the apples of the cheeks
  • 3 years back from Cicero, New York
  • Rush “Witch Hunt”
  • Do some prep before you leave the house

LRP Clarifying Solution- another product I’d haven’t bought before, however in my quest for my perfect regimen I made a decision to give this a go since it’s meant to be used with the gel cleanser. It only includes 2% glycolic acid and .5% salicylic acid which is why I believe my skin enjoys it.

I was always trying to use stronger chemical substance exfoliators but they left me sense sensitive rather than very exfoliated. I think the mixture of daily, gentle physical and daily gentle chemical is actually benefitting my complexion. Simple Hydrating booster- I take advantage of this under my off and alone at night. It’s not just a moisturizer but after trying dozens of drugstore and fancy moisturizers I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin just likes a nice water-based hydration. After reading up a bit there are dermatologist who believe you don’t need moisturizer actually.

Turns out I am one particular people, I reside in a more humid area so this might not connect with basically I definitely helped me. Hydroboost SPF- it’s not the best, it’s not the strongest but it works for me personally. In conjunction with my base (bare nutrients bare or liquid with SPF) it’s perfect.