Faking Good Breeding

A while ago I composed about my experience with L’Oreal’s Bare Naturale, my first foray into the booming mineral makeup industry. The first brand I attempted was Everyday Minerals, which was suggested by Emma, Amanda, and Sparkler. Everyday Minerals has a great selection of colors, that are divided between cool, warm, and neutral tones, and formulas, which vary according to what kind of coverage you want and whether your skin layer is oily or dry. For my ever-shiny skin, the client service rep recommended that the Intensive is tried by me formula, which controls oil and a near-matte, long-lasting finish, but included a sample of the Semi-Matte also, for days when I want less coverage.

I attempted the Semi-Matte first. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a total klutz when it comes to applying makeup, so one of the factors used in reviewing each of the mineral makeup products is simple application. I’ve got the “swirl, faucet, brush” movement down, however the quality of the merchandise definitely decides how easy it is to mix the product into your skin layer.

  • Clinical Protection
  • Brighten your pores and skin
  • Wash that person until clean the next day after waking up
  • Linseed oil
  • Innie Minnie Mightie Bow 0.125oz / 3.75ml

The semi-matte continued easily and combined into my epidermis with little effort (having the exact color match certainly helped, I had Sandy Fair). As the color was great, the coverage still left something to be desired. A light was presented with by The Semi-Matte coverage, which helped even out my skin tone a bit, but wasn’t enough to protect a few small breakouts, undereye circles and redness.

I had to use concealer and level my MAC Blot powder over it to even everything out. In addition, it left a good low look, but with my oil-prone skin, glow considered shine in with regard to a fifty percent hour. If your skin is normal to dry and you don’t need a lot of coverage, the Semi-Matte would be ideal for you, but it didn’t cut it for my high-maintenance skin.

The next few days I decided to try the Intensive formulation, whose name kind of scared me. The coverage was definitely a few steps up from the Semi-Matte, but concealer was still necessary on a couple of spots. I’m probably anticipating too much from a base (especially a powder one) to want to cut concealer out of my program, but at least I didn’t have to use much. Intensive definitely doesn’t provide you with the glow that Semi-Matte will, which was good for my epidermis, but I still needed natural powder within a couple of hours (and I used a mattifyer under it).

One problem I put was that the Intensive appeared to negotiate around (however, not in) my skin pores, which made them stick out more than typical. I’m uncertain if that’s because the color was a little light (I used Fair, which is lighter than the Sandy Fair) or I’m applying it incorrect or what.