There are multiple reasons to love a heat wave; think drinking cold beers in the park, going swimming outside and wearing your cutest summer months clothes. But for makeup and beauty, super warm weather is actually the biggest enemy there is. Sweat, excess oil and the damaging Ultra violet rays from the sun can cause havoc with our skin and by proxy, the makeup we placed on our faces. One of the biggest issues is longevity, and ways to get your makeup to stay on during a heat influx is probably one of life’s biggest beauty mysteries.

If you’re any thing like me, it’s likely that you’re a little of the sweaty betty and your face is obviously not immune to the clammy, sticky effects of sunlight. Sweating not only produces surplus essential oil and grease on the skin (which isn’t the best information for those of us who already are greasy and/or acne-prone), it’s also a bit of the nightmare as it pertains to makeup. From sweating, loading faces to the need to constantly touch our faces, keeping makeup actually on is a challenge in itself. With this in mind, I’ve offered up some of the best ways to keep makeup on throughout a heat wave, from priming your skin to switching up your formulas.

The key to keeping makeup on for so long as possible is to prep the skin effectively. This implies committing to maintaining a skincare regular that includes cleansing and toning (to effectively remove any extra oils and dirt from the skin), and applying serum and moisturiser then. Switch to a brilliant lightweight moisturiser that comes in a water-gel formula, rather than heavy cream that will weigh down skin that’s already sweaty.

Then, before your makeup, it is time to apply a hardworking, heavy-duty primer that will mattify, prep skin, and help makeup last for longer. A setting spray is vital after makeup is applied, but it’s also well worth applying a spritz after every layer of makeup for extra longevity. Summer months means ditching the powder formulas that may be just a little cakey and stream and smudge when skin is hot and sticky.

Opt for light-weight cream formulas, such as cream blushers, and creamy BB lotions. It’s necessary to use SPF during hot periods, however, many can feel a little greasy on the skin. Decide on a light-weight formula that will sit down invisibly on epidermis and last all day long. By the end of the day, a heat wave and heavy makeup are a couple of things that don’t really go together. Not only will a complete face of makeup make pores and skin feel heavy, it is also just a huge faff to use when it’s boiling inside.

  • Protects and helps alleviate chapped, dry, damaged or irritated epidermis and lips
  • Vitamin E oil (moisturizing properties) – 2 or 3 3 drops or ½ capsule
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  • Increased creation of uric acid due to unusual purine metabolism
  • Keloid scarring,
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  • 1 or 2 in . ginger root, chopped coarsely

Lighter makeup is more likely to stay put rather than stream down that person, so replace heavy eyeshadows and foundations for something easy and maybe even waterproof. If you find yourself sweating uncontrollably throughout the day (been there), your skin layer shall normally feel oilier and your sparkle levels may be off the chart. For this good reason, it’s worth picking right up some blotting papers to throw in your bag and keep in the office.

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