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But hey, that doesn’t matter at all. We can install it in Linux by using Wine easily, which should have been installed on one’s body at the start of the guide. This emulator is named Project64. And it is the emulator for the Nintendo 64 console. Before you go any further Now, you’ll need to download the Project64 MS Windows installer file.

Once you’ve downloaded the installer apply for Project64, launch your preferred graphical file navigate and manager to the source directory of where your downloaded files reside. Most likely /home/foobar/ or /home/foobar/Downloads/ where as foobar is your username. When you locate your downloaded file, right-click on the document and you should get a choice in your context menu to launch the installer via Wine Windows Program Loader. Proceed with the installation of Project64 via the prompts. Following a default prompts should be fine to get Task64 operating and installed just fine.

Once the installation has completed, you should be able to start Task64 from you software menu then, quite similar as any other native Linux application. Note: If for reasons unknown you can not see Project64 in your application menu, then logout of your desktop environment and login again then.

Sometimes Wine can be stubborn with menu entries and will not add it to the menu before consumer logs in again. But this may differ on different systems. The others are a lot the same for the first two emulators, all your ROM weight options are there and your configuration options prepared to be tweaked to your preference. But if you’re just a little unsure of what all those options are, leave them as default and everything should run just fine just. Another emulator (and another one of my favorites) is the Sony PlayStation emulator, called PCSX-Reloaded.

PCSX has an extended history, big to visit into in this specific article too. But also for this guide, we’ll be installing and using PCSX-Reloaded. Around the download page, you’ll find different package files available. Grab either the i386 deb deal if you’re using 32bit architecture or the AMD64 deb package deal if you’re using 64bit structures.