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Keep your mind active and use it to master among the many timed quizzes on your preferred topic. An added challenge is in the spelling skills required. Remember, it’s Sporcle with a c, not just a k. Fruit Ninja HD if you need a 2 tiny break and have easy access to an iPad, try this app. Although it is most beneficial performed with an iPad, you can also obtain it for your iPhone or ipod touch. Wikispaces offers a free of charge and simple educator platform with plenty of possibilities for engaging students in a virtual work since it includes widgets for easy integration of user-friendly web 2 2.0 tool.

Still Blogger, a quick and easy tool for frequently updating content and maintaining a web presence. VoiceThread and an avatar give a smart way to launch college student work so that it is worldwide and live. A bag of avatar resources can be found in my Bag Stream tab. EverNote is a well-organized put in place the cloud accessible from any computer or Apple mobile device.

Prezi, a nonlinear display tool that will require the designer to redefine and construct knowledge in the process of creating it. The finish product is quite engaging for an audience. With so many choices available I’ve used the best tool, Bag the Web, to construct a bag of social bookmark creating tools to get the right tool to match your brain. Check out the Bag Stream tab at the top of this blog for more luggage of useful tools. Student account management features make this a very safe and versatile tool.

Let’s discuss which one is better for your business website. If you’re certain that you will want to upgrade never, change, or add anything not used to your website, you should go for a HTML website then. It will be faster and can serve your purpose. If you want to have the freedom and control of your website and not waste money on monthly retainers paying developers to include images, wordPress is actually the better choice then. For individuals who want to grow their business website to make you more money, then WordPress is the way to go forward.

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Using WordPress you can include content to your website without hiring anyone. You can create as many pages as you need anytime. You can include a blog section to keep your customers updated, or even build your own email list and keep bringing more customers to your business.

You will be part of a global community of businesses using WordPress to control their online existence. You will find plenty of free help, resources, tools, and plugins to increase your business every day. Rather than paying developers plenty of money for the smaller things, you will be able to spend that money on growing your business with WordPress. How to begin With WordPress for Your Business Website? First, you will need to join up for a WordPress hosting company. They are specialized companies that will host your website on the servers.