DFW Investment Property

Below is the MID-DECEMBER 2014 list of properties appealing. The Dallas/Ft Worth and Texas market in general has been leading the real way and will only continue to grow. I hope everyone had a great 2014 and look forward to assisting you in 2015. If you have friends/family needing anything please keep me in mind. I’ll manage anything from residential single family to investment property of any size.

NEW SECTION: Don’t forget the new HAVES/WANTS section I’m starting. When you have specific property WANTS, let me know and I’ll post on this website. If you own property you want listed in the OTHER PROPERTY section as a HAVE, let me know. The concept is to place people on my list collectively to sell/purchase privately and reduce the overall commission being paid out – a benefit to both sides of the transaction. I am happy to customize a search specific to your needs always.

  1. Grinded very difficult and expensed virtually every meal
  2. Bank or investment company of Nova Scotia (BNS) – $14.40
  3. Are you a U.S. resident or resident alien for most of 2000
  4. Unilever NV (UNA) NL 4.42
  5. Exploration of oil sands, essential oil shale and shale gas
  6. Smoke sets off the kitchen smoke alarm

As always, if the truth is something appealing or have questions, please i want to know and can get answers/comps. When clicking on below links, you can click on DISPLAY on the upper right of page to show property by property details. 15. NOTES on the market – local buyer putting a deal of NOTES to sell – email me for details. 400,000. Cosmetic rehabs only. ½ duplexes – new angle but options, much like townhome purchase but without HOA.

What I currently do is have the investor send me the variables they want (price, location, size, etc) and then setup specific searches to draw new entries so we don’t miss anything. The ones priced well below market will move fast. Great exposure for your property. The flat charge is only for listing the property.

Showings, negotiations, agreement issues, etc are dealt with immediate with you and the buyer. If you would like information on this program, please call or email. In 2015, If you need more than the MLS Flat Fee service, I will be offering Full Service list for only 1% on the list side (still reserve 2-3% for buyer broker).

On the other hands A stock market is a location where buyers and sellers trade company stock for a collection price. In the financial world, “stock” simply means a supply of money a company has raised from individuals or other organizations. If a property management company does not have a renter for a house who is accountable for the mortgage payment The house management company or the landlord?