Is Network Marketing A Ponzi Scheme?

It reviews that more than 600 folks have lost, in some full cases, huge amount of profit an alleged fraud by British Consulting International (BCI), including a household name 1960’s pop celebrity and other well-known statistics. So how could it be that individuals can be studied in by such plans? Exactly, why is it that individuals are so gullible when faced with a seeming ‘get rich quick’ proposal?

Is it greed, or will be the Bernie Madoff’s (who was later jailed for 150 years for orchestrating a £39.5bn scams) so smart that they can weave a tale that will fool most people? Towards the Network Marketer, the hallmarks of the fraud are all obvious too. Multilevel marketing simply fails this way.

Whoever heard of your Avon or Kleeneze are, your Betterware distributor or your Telecom Plus distributor contacting one to ask for huge amounts of money? Ponzi frauds, like Pyramid schemes, are generally asking you for the money. Network marketing offers you services or goods. What’s more, to join a network marketing scheme as a distributor will generally set you back significantly less than £200 and even this is refundable with some companies. In the current economic climate, with companies requesting staff to take wage cuts, sabbaticals, or part time instead of full-time work, NOW is a great time to consider starting your house-based business in multilevel marketing.

It’s ways to protect yourself against the changes in the economic marketplace, and it’s ways to build yourself a residual income that you’ll receive For the rest of your life! Plus, it is NOT a Ponzi system, and it’s Not just a Pyramid structure. No, it doesn’t promise ‘get rich quick’ and, yes, you will need to commit some right commitment.

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In fact, to visit one further, you may want to invest some time in Yourself. Quite simply, you might have to be open to change, and be open to learn. But then, individuals who guarantee get rich may quick, Like Madoff, find themselves to have bitten off more than they can chew.

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