If I Only Were A Goth

So at a demand put to me by my good friend Michael, I’ve come up with a summary of producers that I do or would like to buy clothes from. Fanplusfriend: A gothic-lolita web store that dabbles in both men and women’s fashions, which range from traditional Victorian Gothic, Lolita, punk, steampunk, baroque, and just about whatever your little alternative heart wishes.

Firstly, because they’re ridiculously CHEAP. 10!). For anyone women and gents like me out there who couldn’t match Asian sizing if their life depended on it, it’s a great option. Secondly, their quality is FANTASTIC. I’ve experienced my Gothic Lolita black mourning dress now for 3 years, as your day I brought it home from the post office and it stills appears as new. My grandmother even said to me at that time that a lot of it’s intricacies were hand-sewn. HAND-SEWN can you believe it?

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I admit, I had been skeptical after I first noticed their clothing online for the prices these were requesting, but I’d bad-mouth their quality never. Gallery Serpentine: Gallery Serpentine was probably my first real-life contact with truly beautiful Gothic, Victorian clothing. Your day I first walked to their shop, I still remember. I’m fairly sure the entire year was 2007 (or possibly 2006) and I bought myself on maybe my first corset; a bottle-green Victorian overcast with black lace trim. It’s still most likely the prettiest one I own, however I love to wear corsets often and I’m not as comfortable in overbusts as I am in undercuts.

Despite that their clothes are gorgeous and if I may I would own everything they sell, that’s just the problem; there is no way in hell anyone could ever do this because they’re brutally over-priced. Not just that but I’ve a small beef with Gallery Serpentine because of a little concern with a corset I purchased last year. Year Late last, as some may know, Gallery Serpentine released their selection of LIMITED EDITION steampunk corsets, as you’ll with the recognition of steampunk increasing like the expense of petrol.

Anyway, I purchased myself this beauty with Kruddy Ruddy’s financial stimulus package most of us recieved this past year as a budding attempt to win back everyone’s compliment after his lovely display of incompetence some would called his term in parliment. With some emphasis on LIMITED. So for those of you who don’t know what that means exactly, Gallery Serpentine released a new type of corsets every 2 months roughly and would only be made to order for those weeks.

So after the Steampunk month emerged and went, instantly, these LIMITED EDITION corsets were back for sale in their own nice little ‘steampunk’ category on the Gallery Serpentine website. Obviously, I was PISSED OFF. Therefore, the greedy little mongrels began producing them again, obviously because these were popular, all so that they could make even more money, of which they CERTAINLY won’t making enough of already on the other overpriced items. Therefore ends my rant about how exactly Gallery Serpentine gives me the shits. However, all grudges aside, it doesn’t effect on my love of their products. Clockwork Couture: So after I first came across clockwork couture, you can imagine I had been smitten.

Their clothes and accessories are wide ranging and amazing and I had been heartbroken to discover one day that none of their clothes from what I could collect are actually made by them. Yes, in truth Clockwork Couture is just a redistributor (and a pricey one too from what I can collect).