The History Of Makeup Essay – 1269 Words

Have you ever thought about who created the makeup? Or how it was created? When, where and how? Why was it created? How has it changed over time? Has it affected anyone? Well, I’m going to let you know some of it. Constitute wasn’t just created by powder or anything small and simple like this, no. Makeup actually has a lot of its own differences. In 180 BCE was when makeup had first had started but it wasn’t commonly used just as much as then. People would limit the use of makeup because it was so expensive and hard to get and or find. The ladies who actually had it or used it were the prostitutes and the wealthier women.

The “Cheap Knockoff” were the ones who had been sold to the poorer women. Makeup wasn’t easy and simple thing to find or create. The things makeup contained back then will leave you breathless. I wouldn’t have imagined that makeup used so many different things through history. Makeup has a great deal of steps to it than simply putting it on your face. Makeup seems like it’s nothing, but it has a lot to it especially history because it has changed a lot as time passes. It hasn’t only changed by the ingredients, however the colors, and designers as well as time continues to go by new things also come out.

One of the items found in the 1600’s was cow fertilizer. It would be utilized by them to put in on their face like as mascara. In my opinion I believe that’s just disgusting. It’s also dangerous since it can have bacteria and it can make you sick and tired and it can cause your face to go worse.

The ones who used this type of makeup were the ones who actually started to wear what’s called “Makeup”. It was used by them to cover their face from things. For instance, it was like clothing for around your body. The ones who first started to wear makeup would do whatever to attempt to make it and they would also use whatever to complete it and use it on the face. Back then people were addressed by the “lower class” “middle income”, and “upper class” right? Well, I didn’t know that makeup was resolved the same way, but it was. I honestly never thought that was right.

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