My Journey IN ORDER TO AVOID The Knife: October 2019

Last night time was a successful first night of learning some Zumba routines. When I say successful, After all I discovered ONE routine. I actually do the first warm up routine twice (the squats were killing me and held me from doing it a 3rd time), the next warm up once, and then in the future, I did Un Mes.

A fantastic Reggaton program that is so so fun! It was done by me with the breakdown multiple times before I finally started to get comfortable. After that, it was memorizing what part I had a need to do when just. Finally I started to get comfortable to the main point where I could pay attention to the music and take action with my eyes closed.

Then if I would feel lost, I’d open to see where they were. This morning, I paid attention to just the music (no dvd movie) and I appreciated the whole routine. So one music down! Night I did Zumba for 2 hours and I burnt 1072 calorie consumption Last. That includes seated to preview three other songs.

And today I weighed 176.5. Going down- by a couple of pounds. Tonight I am going to do something a bit different. K (I think) is coming over tonight and I will do the dvd’s that I have and I have the music to. It’ll be a good refresher for me personally and not so monotonous on her behalf.

She hasn’t done dumb before so I want to break her in slowly. Then tomorrow, my friend Maggie is coming and we will focus on different music over. Should be fun especially when she is at the same spot I am in learning new routines. Can’t wait around to see if this can help me lose weight and get well developed up too. I before know I said it, but this IS how I lost most of my 100 lbs after I first began. Doing Zumba, I could lose about 1-2 is a night time.

BUT that was once I weighed 268 lbs. Zumba. I apologize if that monopolizes my content for a bit, but it is exactly what I am working on right now. Yesterday I went back to a mostly fruit and veggie fast. Breakfast was a smoothie. Lunch was fresh vegetables, a bit of blue cheese dressing, a little of bread and some of my left over pasta with steak that I made a couple of days ago. I needed to ensure that I got a little bit of carbs to involve some energy for this night.

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Then for supper was an enormous salad with some almonds, some lite blue cheese dressing, and a couple Tyson poultry tenders break up in it. And I still acquired a lot of energy to make it thru my two hours of working out. After workout, Some water was got by me and two saltines with some peanut butter skimmed on. Then I visited bed. That’s about the news headlines for now. I woke up past due this morning so I have to rush around to get the youngsters to school and pick up a treat for Landry’s course so off I go! All tomorrow Talk to you!

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