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1.2 billion as reported by the Wall Street Journal. From this article, IBM is growing its business analytics focus as the demand raises from its customers for decision-based analysis. Around the forefront of the client’s needs is to spend less. This is actually interesting and should really boost recognition to the field of Operations Research. IBM appears to be positioning itself as the world leader in business analytics. 25 billion world-wide market for the entire year.

If we are a good fit for his or her brand or company, we will not only help build on their ideas but supply products consulting and product development if needed. A week Two days, my sales force is in the office building lists for leads, emailing, and making calls. The rest of the week, they are out getting face time with current customers and potential leads.

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I will have an account manager who’s there to answer phones, care for any walk-ins, and close the sale our Sales Development Rep earned. I’ve found that doing this allows for sales to keep selling while those potential leads turn into customer orders. Being a service-based company, we don’t utilize Amazon, Facebook, or Shopify for sales.

Instead of endeavoring to go out and printing for as many folks as it can be, we close in on what we are proficient at and what sectors we want to use and do it now. We try to run a regular promo/campaign or a monthly newsletter for discount rates on their orders for specific occasions, holidays, special times, or just as a thank you for returning customers.

As part of our face to face sales efforts, we have a little booklet with photos of what we’ve worked on and a brief rundown of what we should do along with a free shirt to provide out as well. Inside the neck of the top where the size label would be, this is where we print out our company size and info of the t shirt. They might throw away the booklet, but not many people throw away a shirt.

We try our best to keep our Instagram page up-to-date with various projects we are working on or highlighting a person we have been working with. We also have a referral program setup where anyone can send us and in turn, they will get paid a share of the working job they are known to us.

To help ensure a coming back customer, give them incentive and treat them as part of the united team. Check in with them every once in a while, or have a cookie cake sent to their workplace and written with the icing it says “Many thanks!” Something to show that their commitment to you means more than anything because they can go somewhere else at any time. The first 12 months of being in an actual building, we lost a lot of money. Each year since, we’ve grown more than 60% and doubled our square footage in-may of this year. Not having the systems in place from the beginning was a struggle especially when bringing on employees.