IRS Resources For Investors

As strange as it might sound one of the most valuable resources for traders and persons planning retirement is the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS actually offers a tremendous amount of excellent information on a wide variety of topics for traders and others. Better the vast majority of this information is in fact free yet.

Almost every one of the agency’s publications and significant amounts of information about fees is available there if you’re willing to look carefully. This includes answers to a multitude of tax questions. If you want a taxes form you should be able to download for free from the IRS and printing it out or fill it from your computer. There are particular resources for folks also, businesses, government organizations, charities and non-profits and folks with tax-exempt bonds at the top the screen.

Clicking on these will need you to a wide variety of additional information. Finding a tax form is no issue these days. There is a special page that has every one of the variations of the 1040 or individual tax return available. This consists of the unusual forms that aren’t available in every community.

Several other specific tax forms like the 1099-Misc and the W-9 can be found there as well. Another tremendous source is a summary of all the IRS forms and magazines. These are actually there in PDF form they could be downloaded and printed or saved using the favorite Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat software. That means you should have no problem getting them and printing them.

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You will require Adobe Reader to get the forms but it is designed for free. To make things easier many PCs must have Adobe Audience installed on them already. Gleam search feature that will help you find a particular resource. If you wish to know if your annuity is taxable you can type in annuity. Which should help you find Publication 575 Annuity and Pension Income which has the answers. If you want the documentation for annuity payments you should be able to locate Form W-4P pension or annuity payments.

If you are not sure where to look for answers you should check out the FAQS feature. This lists many of the questions the company is receiving. Some of these have answers to your specific questions. If you’re wondering if your dividend income is taxable you could click on Interest/Dividends/Other Types of Income.