How Savings, Investments And Property Affect Your Housing Benefit And Council Tax Support

Savings, investments, and property are usually called ‘capital’. We have to know about any savings, investments, or property owned by you as well as your partner if you have one. We usually call them all ‘capital’. Your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support will probably be affected if you have any of these. This is not a complete list. You need to reveal on the state form about any capital you have. You’ll also have to provide us proof your capital.

Because of most of the similarities, your suggestion in the question is right. They do react and move in unison. And this is also one of the postulates for the effort for the creation of 1-Balkan STOCK MARKET, similar to the case of the Nordic countries and NORDEX. Because of these interconnections and similarities, the creation of one single stock exchange, for me, would be beneficial to all ongoing celebrations included. Unfortunately this process slowly is developing very. 3. How susceptible are the stock exchanges in the region to insider trading? Is there a dependence on Sarbanes-Oxley types of laws?

AD: The changeover process still left many open wounds as far as legislation in the Balkans will go, especially in areas where there is no experience to draw on for the creation of laws and regulations. The STOCK MARKET is a perfect exemplary case of this deficiency, likewise the protection of industrial property, the security of copyrights etc. Each one of these was rising areas in the established Democratic order newly.

Though oftentimes laws were translated and adapted to the needs of the market, relics of the communist program can still be found, thus engendering an open up space for manipulations like insider trading. Tries to refuse the life of insider trading can be found undoubtedly. But in practice, little has been done and can be carried out to protect shareholders from it. So, there’s a definite dependence on Sarbanes-Oxley kind of laws in virtually all Balkan countries. Nevertheless, these laws and regulations can’t be simply translations of the legal corpus of some Western Europe country.

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  • Or are you considering a day investor, trading in and out of a position in a day or two
  • Higher rates of interest on long run CDs
  • You must individually do part, or all, of the required property maintenance and fixes
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Experiences from overseas are welcome and helpful, but only as a basis which to build. In fact, to safeguard investors and shareholders from insider trading, first a new and up to date corporate regulation must be applied. When even the tiniest shareholders would know their responsibilities and rights concomitant with the corporate-responsibility kind of company, the attempts and the statutory laws designed to prevent insider trading will take to keep.

However, it must be noted that discernible improvement in this field was already made with today’s legislation and strangely, by inertia, under the influence of foreigners. This improvement must continue at a faster clip. 4. Some experts say that international money makes the majority of investments in the smaller, poorer stock exchanges in your community (Macedonia, for one). Is this your impression as well?