What’s The INTEREST?

100,000 and buy accommodations properties with only cash? It’s a good question, but there are way too many variables to give you a definite answer. If you’re young, you may opt to keep the mortgage on your home and use that leverage to begin buying rental properties with an aim toward developing an investment-income rental portfolio.

If you’re retired and need income, it could be better to pay back the mortgage and live off whatever resources of income you have without the burden of a mortgage on your home. 100,000 in the bank at no interest income and paying of a 4-percent mortgage virtually, the pay down of the 4-percent mortgage might be for you financially better. Also, tying up that much cash in accommodations property later in life may not be the best use of this cash. You will find other things to consider when it comes to the mortgage on your primary residence. What’s the interest?

100,000 to refinance that loan at a lower interest rate far, shortening the loan term. The same might be said about high-interest car loans. If your car loan is at 5 percent or 6 percent, getting that paid is an excellent use of money. On the Federal government income tax part, if no loan is experienced by you on the house, you might show a revenue on the rental income you receive. But if you have a loan on the rental property, your earnings will be offset by the expenses. Where you don’t show a profit, you won’t pay Federal income taxes on hardly any money from the rental property.

You’ll want to speak to a good accountant to walk you through the Federal government tax implications of buying the local rental property and see how it might advantage you. Depending on the value of the house you are buying, you may want some debt onto it. Thinking about many of these details and how they fit into the big picture of finances (and where you are in what Ilyce identifies as the “cycle of life”) can help you get this to decision.

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Ilyce Glink is the originator of the 18-part webinar and e-book series called “The Intentional Investor: How to Be Wildly Successful in Real Estate,” as well as the author of many books on real property. She also hosts the “PROPERTY Minute” on her behalf YouTube route. Samuel J. Tamkin is a Chicago-based real property attorney.

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