Validity And Reliability Of A Commercial Fitness WATCH OUT FOR Measuring Running Dynamics

The commercially available watch is a valid tool to measure cadence and VO. The validity of the GCT was less than those of cadence and VO, which might be related to the potentially different algorithms for detecting gait events with the vGRF from the fitness treadmill and accelerations from the heart rate strap.

The algorithms for the heartrate strap are proprietary, and we were not able to ascertain the exact methods used to detect gait events and, ultimately, GCT. The 30-N threshold used to detect gait occasions with the fitness treadmill was chosen to reduce excessive automated gait event detection, as the moving belt on the fitness treadmill introduces noise into the vGRF that is not completely eliminated with filtering.

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The rapid launching occurring with running may skew the precise timing of initial contact and toe-off measured with the motion-analysis system, which might have contributed to the low ICC beliefs for the GCT validity. The commercially available watch was also able to identify changes in cadence, VO, and GCT when the running pattern was modified (TABLE 4). Clinicians tend to be required to recommend changes in running technicians during gait retraining. Motor learning principles16 with appropriate reviews,8,14,15 are frequently used to retrain running mechanics. The existing study is not without limitations, including small sample size and potential methodological limitations pertaining to measuring force under a moving treadmill belt. Future studies may look to are the use of a fitness watch during in-field gait retraining for real-time reviews on operating dynamics.

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