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Early Sunday Morning Napa was shaken by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake. The function has drawn worldwide coverage. There’s always been an incredible fascination with California’s wines industry and Napa Valley wineries in particular and the earthquake has only intensified this interest. The mass media show picture after picture of the crumbled building in downtown Napa, and many of my friends have tasting rooms, storage space facilities, and homes in that area.

Some people woke to a violent tremble and the clamor of breaking glass from their cupboards. Fireplace chimneys to attend, one which caused the most severe injury from the quake. Elan Fayard of Azur Wines was woken up to the tremble in her home ten minutes from downtown Napa. Her home, which is under restoration didn’t suffer much damage in any way.

This was quite not the same as what she found out when she had been to downtown Napa and the website of her tasting room at Vintner’s Collective. This beautiful old building suffered extensive damage and it’ll take the time to determine the extent of it. Elan also seen the shared barrel storage space site, which had a lot of damage from barrels dropping from the racks.

Elan and her winemaking hubby Julien have been working to assess the damage to their wines. While the pictures show a lot of devastation, Azur has been lucky to experienced only minor losses. Elan did mention that timing was a blessing in this situation. The quake hit at 3:20 am on Sunday, the right time when most people in the region were home during intercourse.

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Workers weren’t crushing grapes for the harvest, not moving wines into tanks or barrels and not working in storage space areas luckily. News reports and social media posts show comprehensive damage at some winery facilities. My recruiting partner Nancy McIlvaine was jolted out of bed and was out of power for a number of hours.

Her youngsters were able to get back to bed, and fortunately not much harm occurred at her house on the east aspect of town. My friends on the other hand weren’t as lucky. Brown’s Valley saw a great deal of damage, with pipes bursting and flooding taking place at many properties. Talking with Martin Jones, President of Artisan Source, LLC, he didn’t experience the shaking of the quake at his home in Sonoma County, in your day he did visit Napa and found it eerily noiseless but later.

Driving down Highway 29 many tasting rooms were shut and traffic was nonexistent on the road. The evening he stopped at downtown Napa and was surprised at how quiet the streets were In. Day for the tourism industry Sunday is normally a busy, and the only people in downtown were the mass media or local people who were handling quake clean-up either. Outside of additional buildings with some damage plus some bricks strewn around, the amount of damage was surprisingly minimal.

Elan Fayard also proceeded to go downtown later in your day on Sunday and it was quiet. The shops were shut and folks were somber. The loudest audio was that of the mass media helicopters flying overhead. Martin does point out that while the epicenter was south of Napa just, some locations as far away as Sonoma experienced significant harm, including Sebastiani winery. Getting back to business.

Napa wouldn’t normally be Napa if wines did not continue being enjoyed. Just today I got a notice that Villa Ragazzi suffered only minimal damage to some glassware and containers, but that they are increasing and open a cup to the wine industry. This week so they can assess the situation The warehouse Azur uses has held off on putting any orders.

But don’t allow that is concerned you–Azur Wines were being showcased by Dean &DeLuca at an exclusive tasting event just hours ago. Services and Resources: The crisis responders did wonders during the hours immediately following the event. Many people are displaced, some have been hurt, and numerous houses and businesses have been seriously broken.