WHY IS Vegan Makeup Vegan?

You may be thinking about, “why does it matter if I choose vegan makeup?” The reason why you’ll hear most often is that it’s better for you, the pets, and the surroundings. It’s better for you because vegan makeup often performs better. Vegan waxes and other non-animal ingredients can frequently be more moisturizing than tallow or create a bolder color than Carmine. The more cruelty-free and vegan makeup items we choose over other options that require animal products and testing, the less cruelty afflicted on animals. For example, when rabbits are used for product testing, makeup is applied to their eyes. Rabbits don’t have to rip ducts so they can’t weep out harmful chemicals.

What makes vegan makeup vegan? Makeup that is vegan means exactly what it sounds like. Products which contain zero ingredients produced from animals. Which means zero dairy products, honey, color substances like “Carmine” that are derived from beetles, and many more. There are a great number of other things that can be non-vegan as well.

Lanolin, a wax like material used in a good number of beauty products, comes from sheep’s wool, making it not just a vegan component. Stearic acid, although vegetable-based versions are possible to create in today’s market, is derived from pet excess fat often, and it is utilized in cosmetics and other beauty products commonly.

Keratin, an ingredient commonly within hair treatment and “anti-aging’ products, is usually derived from hair, fingernails, horns & hooves from pets, and can be nestled into your preferred product which makes it not just a vegan option. Can not vegan brands make vegan makeup? The short answer yes is. A lot of major makeup brands have products that are either accidentally vegan or are specifically among a lineup of products that are not.

Some brands that don’t have fully vegan lines will specifically list a smaller grouping of their products as vegan and market them that way. It’s important when looking through a non-vegan brand’s products to do a supplementary step of research into the ingredients to ensure that it is 100% vegan and also that it is a cruelty-free company. More on that later. Does vegetarian makeup suggest vegan? Sometimes, but not always. Some brands popular approval in the last days when vegetarian goals were more in the limelight in comparison to vegan ones.

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Older approvals of vegetarian approved may simply be out-of-date approvals, and the product may be vegan after looking deeper into the ingredients of any given product. There are plenty of examples of vegetarian makeup that are not , though. Many lip balms contain beeswax, which is a vegetarian ingredient, but does not qualify it as a vegan product. Does organic mean vegan?

No. Organic vaguely means that products were created using ingredients that are lasting to a certain level, clear of particular harsh chemicals and more. There are plenty of opportunities for a natural, non-vegan ingredient to be added into a makeup product, therefore, which makes it organic but not vegan. Does cruelty-free mean vegan? No. Cruelty free-position is directed at companies that do not take part in cruel industry practices of testing products and substances on animals. There are many cruelty free companies that abide by these criteria while simultaneously using animal ingredients as part of their cosmetic creation procedure.

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