Life IS SIMILAR TO That, Huh?

Neither come. Neither arrived. Each petal a sword. But only living one story. Sleeping while I live by night time. Can’t be redder or even clearer. I’m not the loudest. Vowing my red words to never perish. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs shall be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your write-ups or other sites. Many thanks so much for your nice remarks about roses.

I will see your link and I am sure that I’ll enjoy it. You and many of these great numbers are so talented. I am blessed to know you all. Very lovely poem, pal. I did so not know that you were multi-talented with playing the fiddle and now poetry? How many other gifts are you concealing from us?

Loved the roses poem. I share your desires to also be one. But someone needed to be here to appreciate the roses. Yes, we are all in a single way or the other, doing hubs about flowers. They are harmless and present us a lasting peace. Season after season–if nurtured. Life is like that, huh?

Take care to write soon. My pleasure–is your pleasure. Roses captivate me. They always have. I offer you my word that most any day I can walk along a storefront or floral shop and if I see a rose, I have to stop and then inspect it carefully and savor each petal.

I may be nut products, but I do not care. Long time. No see. Where are you for so long? I’ve been lacking you. Roses are extremely unique–like raindrops and snow flakes. Identical twins have some differences Even. It took me years to comprehend this one fact. Write me more regularly. I am so glad that you like this piece. Rhyming lines are work for certain, but when one is finished and I could look back again on the stanza, I let out a whewwww, (sigh of comfort).

  1. Be Active
  2. Take some “cool” preventative procedures
  3. Crazy affordable as in
  4. Be enthusiastic, no matter just how many students you have
  5. Increased bloating, tenderness, or pain throughout the wound
  6. 8 years back from Europe, Croatia
  7. Charles Lindbergh

Stay on your keyboard for you are a significant writer. My sincere because of you when planning on taking the time to read and touch upon this hub. You are a good writer and friend. Many thanks tremendously for your liking this hub and the talking rose. Hmmm, wonder if. I do nothing like to be engaged with over-kill. Visit with me anytime, Ann.

Love the words of your chapter’s “Serpent Within” as well as your current book. You have such a sharp present for words and their use. Thanking you for your sweet comment enough is not, but sweetie, it is all that I could do. I too love roses. Roses are one of my favorite blooms and I really feel peaceful after seeing one. I just treasured the images and more than that I just adored this poem absolutely.

Though it’s brief, the imagery and words are powerful and leave a brilliant message– no two roses will be the same, everyone is unique in their own way. I’m in awe of your talent, sweet friend. I love the position on this, the speaking increased. Roses are beautiful. I have an old-designed big pink rose in my own garden – the normal English garden type that looks as great when it fades as it does when it buds! Most wonderful rhyming verse. It handled my center that is for sure.

Like humans no two roses are the same. It is the unique ones that attract my vision always. Keep writing and I will keep reading. This poem was beautiful to me visually. The first two verses spoke to me especially. If only I was one. Beautiful Kenneth. We’re all writing about roses, it’s that time of year. My love says only one will do! Great job Kenneth for I am no poet as you can tell. Good work on this poem about roses, Kenneth. Images Lovely. A significant coincidence that my latest hub, “Cruel Words and Rose Thorns” also comprises rose poems. Great minds alike think. It ought to be checked by you out.

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