Making Money With $5 Accessories

5. The wonder of Paparazzi Accessories is not merely the items we sell but also in how quickly the amount of money adds up in our wallets. Paparazzi Accessories is a cash and carry kind of business. We choose the items in advance and sell them for a 45% profit. Some individuals get hung up on this with get worried that they will not be able to recover their investment.

These items are much like the costume jewelry within department stores with one main distinction, the purchase price. 5. Once they do it again the question back to me a couple of times in different ways (checking out to find out if it truly is true), they almost always purchase multiple items. In the early 90’s I tried as an Avon consultant. Although, I enjoyed their items, so did my family. This meant most of us ordered everything from Avon within my discount price. Although it was great to get the discount, I had not been making any money. Plus, I put to purchase the samples, books, and bags.

Needless to state, as an Avon representative was temporary for me. I have always run from anything that required creating an ongoing party and selling items. First and foremost, I am NOT a saleswoman. I hate selling so bad that I am one particular parents that made the top purchases of useless items from the kid’s fundraisers.

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With Paparazzi, I do not sell anything. 5 to anyone who may be interested. You will find NO sales pitches! No organized celebrations – we do OPEN HOUSE style so friends can stop by at their leisure. NO deliveries to make! As well as the 45% instant revenue that I make from each item, Paparazzi provides me a regular monthly 5-10% commission investigations from growing my team. Trust me, that 5-10% increases quickly and makes nice debris into my bank-account.

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