The Marmelade Gypsy -The Real One

That was the message in the glitzy Vegas hotels, as they ready for the Year of the Tiger. After all of the meetings were over, my friend Maryanne and I headed out to execute a little shopping, eat a great dinner, and catch some beauty. But first, a wrap of the NETA meeting.

And I was able to listen to the inspiring Paula Kerger, chief executive of PBS, speak. She also spoke budget in the machine (bad, but is it anywhere) and about the power of the training development for children. Her speech was worthy of hearing indeed. But, to the shiny lighting and big city back.

Our hotel was WAY out there, therefore the shuttle was taken by us in and walked about past some of the hotels. Here are some of the sights along the way. We didn’t have lots of time, so we made a decision to spend it in the Venetian, using its Canal Shops and great restaurants. And, it’s simply beautiful. The square itself is framed by shops, and the roof painted to look like the sky, and lit beautifully. The canal runs through the building, and tourists may take gondola rides. I snapped a photo of these three gondoliers standing about and looking rather tired — once I went to get another, they observed me and arrived alive.

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  • What we think, we become. – Buddha

As you’ll expect, the windowpane displays were pretty elaborate. And what do you think that footwear is made of? It’s created from hangers! Which one, celebrating Happy New Decade, made great use of pecans! We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Woo, one of — if not the only — family possessed and operated restaurants on the strip.

We shared appetizers, salad, plum sake to expire for which unbelievable frangipane cake with pressed almonds, offered with raspberry sorbet. The restaurant was — spare and elegant lovely. Then back into that lobby again. Finished. About Vegas is that it’s pure excess anywhere. Some has ended the top. Some it totally beautiful.

This fell into the gorgeous category. And the tiger was wonderful. I was rather fond of this beast, and couldn’t resist overshooting! Can we get just a little closer? I couldn’t help but maintain awe of the wonderful lanterns. As well as the coin motif was great! It almost made approaching the house with a 103 heat worth it! Year — again Happy New!

Anyhow, I got the Tea Time sheet masks as it contained elements best for my epidermis (black tea for antioxidants & collagen for wrinkle lowering). The masks don’t look like Hello Kitty, but they have little Hello Kitty things published on the cover up, which is cute. I’ve used one up to now (they arrived in a pack of 3) and I love it.

I like the sheet masks from The Creme Shop in general. Component of me wants to get the Badtz-Maru ones (my 2nd fave Sanrio character). 3.99. Like I talked about earlier, my attention area needs all the make it can get. So I’m willing to give something that promises to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles/lines for the reason that area a fair shake (within reason). I used one of these so far, but haven’t seen much of a difference.