You’ve made a decision to build a Facebook page for your organization. Seems easy enough: first you registered your page, created a company name, and filled up in your basic information. You’ve got significantly less than 10 fans and a fairly basic profile picture. You obviously want the web page to broaden your online presence, and attract customers but how on the planet do you do that? What makes some ongoing company Facebook webpages more effective than others?

Mari Smith, romantic relationship marketing expert and co-author of Facebook Marketing: ONE HOUR A Day. Which means that your first question should be: why am I on Facebook; what’s my goal? Is it offering more products, improving customer support, or creating new relationships, determining what you would like to accomplish with your organization page ought to be the first necessary step. Then it’ll be easier to use Facebook better.

Grady Burnett, director of global online and inside sales at Facebook. Facebook helps it is easy for companies to create pages. It might seem overwhelming, at first, identifying which features to use to improve the appearance of your web page, but it’s easier than you think. Wall Posts – This is the platform that allows customers expressing themselves and tell you exactly how they feel about your product or service. Any feedback is useful feedback. So to encourage customer interaction be sure you allow that capability on your privacy settings.

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Upload Photos – Many companies utilize this feature to put on pictures of its product and customers using its product. However, a distinctive way to use this feature is to permit your fans the capability to label photos of themselves making use of your product to your web page as well. Setting the “Photo and videos I’m tagging in” option to “Everyone,” or maybe just enthusiasts of the web page is a way to foster a nearer connection in the middle of your customers and your page.

Direct Purchase – Constructing your page to be a one-stop shop for customers to interact, engage, and buy your product has shown to be beneficial for companies extremely. Adding something tab to your page allows fans to view all your products and easily purchase then and never have to get off Facebook and visit a website they are potentially unfamiliar with.

Custom Page Apps – That’s where you can get really creative. Facebook gives you to integrate an app can be built into your Page to create unique quizzes, video games, or other interactive features. Building custom tabs is what sets your Page apart from your competitors and attracts more customer engagement. It might take some website knowhow to build up your app, but Facebook’s got you covered for that as well.