Alpha Destination Management Puts Up An Impressive Show At World Travel Market London 2019

Shaping the continuing future of the travel industry, WTM supplies the most reliable business to business networking opportunities for the international community of travel professionals. Speaking from London, Samir Hamadeh, General Manager for Alpha Destination Management, said, “World Travel Market is a respected global event for the travel industry. Dubai is among the top four most visited towns in the world and the best performer in the MENA region.

Samir stated, “The greater the destination creates tailors and attractions its product to cater to UK tourists, the better transformation it can expect. People seek encounters. Dubai is now a major destinations hub which is very important that people concentrate on offering experiences and added value to your customer.

Our approach to UK has to be different than other marketplaces and key to that is coming up with new suggestions to develop stop over business. Visitors will be able to find Alpha Destination Management at the Dubai Tourism stand on booth M300. Founded in 1996, by Mr. Ghassan Aridi and his partners, Alpha Destination Management is the primary destination management company and a pioneer in the travel and leisure sector in the Arabian Gulf. Over the last two decades, the business has established itself as one of the most credible and respected brands not only in the Gulf region but also in the international tourism industry.

If yes, then you’ve discovered a target for your Biz Dev business lead list. Add the name to your list and make contact with building your business. I would recommend incorporates Business Development planning into your regular planning processes. No, not just one of those foolish big company planning workshops with a lot of heat and Powerpoints.

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