THE VERY BEST Politically-Religious System

There are many political and spiritual systems that are supposed to be better, or at least their founders declare so. The next cultural system can be called both spiritual and politics, or, if you want, the both in one. It is in regards to a way how to remove all the extremes from human life to be able to prevent everyone from any excessive suffering and to let him posses the common amount of pleasure. Human culture would be reconstructed so to remove both the biggest good and the largest evil and the both would only exist in their lukewarm form.

Special treatment would be specialized in those who suffer most and they would be immediately helped either by this way or that. The number of people on this planet would decrease from six to two milliards in support of people with no bigger genetic defects would be permitted to have children.

  • BA – Psychology, English, Communication Studies (PYEC)
  • Don’t presume that anyone knows more about your specific medical situation than you do
  • Tickets purchased prior to the start of promotion aren’t qualified to receive the upgrade
  • “P” term for the art or research of teaching – Look for the hint in a publication title
  • 2015/02/14 – Import notice about the Renewal of Firearm Licenses
  • Operating systems

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