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So if you are a makeup junkie, I’m sure you have these shades already in your collection. I’m anti-hauling the ENTIRE collection. Taking a look at Ms. Jenner’s past releases, her product packaging is crap, and so is the product quality. Yet her products still sell away because it’s her name. The loose powder highlighters look glittery and chunky, I Want EVERYTHING palette appears like it was a back-up design of their Valentine’s Collection, I’m not impressed by her lip kits when there’s Colourpop, and the brushes look private-labelled.

Guys, when the photos of the palette first hit the web, I was super excited. The color selection looked so unique and really urban. The shades made sense, I could make a few different looks from this single palette, and after hearing how good their Modern Renaissance Palette was, I expected the same from this palette.

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  2. Beautiful packaging
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  5. Light scent does not aggravate sensitive stomachs

But alas, it didn’t succeed. The tones oxidized, didn’t mix well, were got and patchy amazing relax. This hurts me to say, but I’m going to have to anti-haul you. Y’all, this palette looks like an ashy clutter. Ditto here, the shades don’t make any sense! There are a weird green tone that looks like puke, lavender, and all of a sudden dark glitter. If you want to produce a pastel palette, take some notes from Kat Von D. This palette looks like trash and unusable.

You know what, if this palette was held by them at the bottom 8 shades and stuck compared to that theme, it’d be considered a great palette. But here these are tossing in other shades that end up causing this to be palette look messy. It generally does not look cohesive whatsoever. And the packaging, how old are we, 9? I don’t need a palette that looks like a kid’s toy, I just want a palette that’s functional and works. I get that TF’s aesthetic is cute, and all, but this is childish just. So, that was my second anti-haul. Up to now the new products don’t look that bad, however the Holiday collections should soon be out, and we shall see if it’s worthy of hauling or not.

What else should I know about skin-care ingredients before I begin? As we above mentioned, cosmetic skin-care elements don’t go through FDA testing before the market is hit by them, so we don’t have data on how effective or safe each over-the-counter product is. Many companies make claims about their products predicated on the ingredients that are in the merchandise, which may or might not be similar to the ingredients found in scientific research. Unless you’re utilizing a prescription treatment Basically, it’s tough to know what you’re actually getting when, so it will always pay to weigh the potential dangers and benefits before placing something new on your skin.