I write regular options update articles to conclude options trades and also to keep track of options income. The improvements provide as a position report on open options and potential responsibilities. 1,750 and I’m happy to survey that June’s total exceeded that focus on. This month I’m reporting on now fewer than three assignments, plus a handful of expirations, and several income-generating investments.

Below is a snapshot of June’s investments, including three projects, two expirations, a few investments where I rolled forwards options, and several investments in which I sold options for income. When the holder of a choice exercises the option, it is stated to be designated. 27 put options I’d sold were exercised early. 1,003 in options income collected for offering the stocks.

GPS reported poor Q1-2019 results, reflecting gentle top-line growth, and comparable sales as well as lower margins. Management lowered its earnings view for fiscal 2019, noting that the trade battle with China may impact results going forward. Getting assigned under such circumstances is pleasant never, but that’s part and parcel of put selling.

I’ll monitor the stock carefully in case the view deteriorates. If that occurs, I’ll have to simply accept losing and sell the shares. 291 annually) and sell covered calls to boost my income. Main Street Capital (MAIN) is trading near its 52-week high and the stock’s current yield is a little below its 5-season average. 40 covered calls to be assigned (rather than wanting to roll them ahead) and, therefore, sold 500 of my 750 MAIN stocks.

3,645 or 20% on my original investment (15% annualized). As a result of this trade, DivGro’s projected annual dividend income (PADI) will need a bit of the knock! 1,200 less than a total result. 600 per year. The common yield on cost (YoC) is 10.5%! 70 covered phone calls to expire and be designated. 3,187 or 28% on my original investment, which is 31% annualized.

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O is trading near its 52-week high and the stock’s current yield is quite a little less than its 5-calendar-year average, an indication that the stock is trading at a premium to fair value. Spot the greater than average current P/AFFO proportion also. 95 strike prices of the June call I’d sold. Therefore the protected call expired and I no more have the obligation to sell 100 VLO stocks. 120 strike prices of the June call I’d sold.

So the covered call expired and I no longer have the responsibility to LOW sell 100 shares. 179 with this trade. When an out of the money option will go further out of the money, you can close the option early and secure most of the options income. I didn’t close any options early this month.

Rolling ahead options means buying back an option and offering another option with a later expiration time. You can certainly do this to avoid options assignment for in the amount of money options, or even to collect more options income for from the money options. 45 covered calls I’d sold were from the money. 90, August 2019, phone calls I’d sold on ABBV were deep out of the money. Selling covered calls is a real way to collect extra income on stocks you already own.

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